/Letters to the Editor: May 25

Letters to the Editor: May 25

The following is a Letter to the Editor printed in the May 25 edition of the Minden Times.

Climate change survey ends soon

To the Editor,

Did you know that the County of Haliburton values your opinion on how we face climate change? This is your opportunity to express your thoughts on the importance of protecting natural spaces in Haliburton County as a nature-based solution to climate change. Complete this survey today at https://haliburtonclimate.ethelo.net

Nature-based solutions to climate change are easily within our reach. The county is rich in forests, wetlands and biodiversity. Protecting healthy ecosystems builds resilience to climate change. For example, wetlands maintain water quality, mitigate flooding, store carbon, protect shorelines and provide opportunities for recreation and tourism. Protecting wetlands positively impacts your quality of life.

The Haliburton Highlands Land Trust is presently working to protect a wildlife corridor that stretches from Queen Elizabeth II Provincial Park to Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park and east to Silent Lake Provincial Park. The 107,000 ha corridor contains 35 species at risk and 11 Provincially Significant Wetlands.

For more information on the Highlands Corridor and to watch a stunning and informative video follow this link: https://www.haliburtonlandtrust.ca/our-projects/the-highlands-corridor/

Have your say! Complete the survey to let the county know how important it is to protect this significant wildlife corridor as a nature-based solution to climate change. The survey closes on May 30.

Sheila Ziman
Algonquin Highlands