/Letter to the Editor: Jan. 26

Letter to the Editor: Jan. 26

A Letter to the Editor submitted to the Jan. 26 edition of the Minden Times.

Beautiful lights in the dark : A thanks to the snow plowers on Hwy. 35

To the Editor,

They’re coming … I can hear them … and I run to the window and see the lights and I feel a sense of calm. I’m going to be 68-years-old and yes … I still run to the window to see those beautiful lights in the dark on Hwy 35. 

They are taking care of us, making sure we are safe to drive to the grocery store, to work etc. in the morning. Yes, it is a sense of calm and I say quietly, thank you. I do not take you for granted and yes, you are keeping us safe. 

In case you are not told enough, I thank you.

Jeri-Lyn Cuda